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FIREPAC Century Club

The FIREPAC Century Club recognizes IAFF district, state and local affiliates for outstanding fundraising for FIREPAC.


What Is the FIREPAC Century Club 100% Challenge?


To enhance FIREPAC’s fundraising efforts and to generate friendly competition between local affiliates of similar size, the IAFF established the FIREPAC Century Club 100% Challenge program in 1993.  The Challenge Program is based on both the actual number of dollars that a local raises through voluntary contributions from its members as well as the percentage by which it exceeds its fundraising goal.


Each calendar year, every IAFF affiliate is assigned a fundraising goal for raising voluntary contributions for FIREPAC based on its membership size.  The goal is determined by taking the local’s membership number each January and multiplying it by $12 (or one dollar a member per month).



How Does an IAFF Affiliate Attain Membership in the FIREPAC Century Club?

IAFF affiliates at the district, state and local levels that meet or exceed their FIREPAC dollar goal automatically become members of the FIREPAC Century Club and receive a certificate in recognition of their commitment to FIREPAC.


In addition, the affiliate that exceeds its dollar target by the largest percentage in each of the six membership size groups, as well as at the district and state association level, receives a “FIREPAC – Best In Class” certificate in recognition of its extraordinary effort.  A “FIREPAC – Best in Class” certificate is also awarded in each category for the affiliate that raises the largest amount of money. All certificates are awarded annually at either the IAFF Legislative Conference (odd-numbered calendar years) or the IAFF Convention (even-numbered years).  Special recognition is also made in the International Fire Fighter and on the IAFF website.



How Can Small and Large Locals Compete Fairly Against Each Other?

To make the competition fair, the IAFF has classified locals into six groups to ensure that locals of similar size will be competing against one another.  The breakdown of the group sizes are listed below.

In 2010, 374 IAFF affiliates at the district, state and local levels reached or exceeded their FIREPAC targets. View the list of 2012 Century Club members (pdf).

Many locals have found it easier to meet their FIREPAC fundraising goal by establishing a FIREPAC Check-Off Program, which allows members to voluntarily contribute to FIREPAC via payroll deduction.   In fact, for the past four years all of the “Best in Class” award-winning locals have been ones that have established a Check-Off Program.  To learn how your local can begin a FIREPAC Check-Off program, click here.


Century Club Group 1
1,000 or more members

Century Club Group 2
750 to 999 members

Century Club Group 3
500 to 749 members

Century Club Group 4
250 to 499 members

Century Club Group 5
100 to 249 members

Century Club Group 6
Under 100 members

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