Note: Entry forms for the 2014 Media Awards Content will be available in early 2014. The below information is for historical purposes only.

Contest Rules and Eligibility

The International Association of Fire Fighters Media Awards Contest is conducted annually to honor reporting and photography that best portray the courageous and dangerous work of professional fire fighters and emergency personnel in the United States and Canada. The Contest also recognizes outstanding work by IAFF affiliates in communicating with their members and the public.

Eligibility: Entries must have been produced, published or broadcast between January 1 and December 31, 2012. IAFF members, professional journalists, reporters and photographers are eligible to submit entries.

Deadline: Submissions must be received (online or by mail) by May 1, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.(EST). Click here to enter the contest online or click here to download an entry form.

Format: Electronic formats accepted: PDFs, urls, jpgs, mp3s.

Multiple entries: Entrants must complete an entry form for each entry submitted in the IAFF Media Awards Contest.

All entries submitted for the IAFF Media Awards Contest must be signed by the president of the local, state or provincial affiliate or by a member of the IAFF Executive Board. Local presidents will be notified of non-member submissions with instructions for authorizing the entry.

Statement of Purpose: Please provide at least one paragraph explaining your entry and why it deserves to win.

The IAFF reserves the right to reclassify entries.

Copyright: Where applicable, entries must be accompanied by a signed statement of releease from the copyright holding authority giving IAFF reproduction rights for use of the entry. By submitting a photograph or other material to the IAFF, you disclaim any copyright interest in the full use of the same by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), and grant the IAFF, without additional consultation from you, that all rights to use this material on its web site, in its printed publications and for public relations, education and training materials, and for any other IAFF purposes as it sees fit without further? consideration. You also acknowledge the IAFF’s right to crop or treat the photograph at its discretion, and warrant that you are the sole owner of the copyright to this material.

For more information or questions, contact the IAFF Communications and Media Department at (202) 824-1588 or email

Guidelines: No more than five entries per subcategory allowed. Affiliates or members can not submit an entry on behalf of another local.

Contest Checklist: Please confirm that all of the required information is included.

• Entry title
• Description/explanation of entry
• Contact information
• Sign off from the local president
• If applicable, a signature from the copyright-holding authority giving the IAFF permission reproduce the entry

For more information, contact the IAFF Communications Department at (202) 824-1588 or email


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