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best news photographs: print and online media

Best Photo: Print Media (Circulation fewer than 100,000)

“Bridge Rescue”
Published in Santa Barbara News-Press
Photo by Mike Eliason  
Submitted by Santa Barbara County, CA Local 2046

Fire fighters spent two hours rescuing a mother and her two children from a violent vehicle collision on US Highway 101 near Buellton, CA on January 12, 2012. The mother was traveling in the number 1 lane when her vehicle was overtaken by a semi-truck. The trailer drove over the vehicle, and the semi-truck plunged over the side of the bridge plummeting 100 feet, catching fire and killing the driver of the semi-truck. The passenger vehicle was left hanging by the rear axle above the fire over the bridge. The mother and her children—ages 10 and 10-weeks old—survived the collision.

“Niagara Falls Ice Rescue”
Published in Niagara Gazette
Photo by James Neiss
Submitted by Niagara Falls, NY Local 714 and Niagara Falls, NY Local 3359

Niagara Falls, NY fire fighters work to free a man who had fallen through ice at Hyde Park Lake after trying to rescue one of his three golden retrievers who became submerged in freezing water on February 15, 2012. The man was dragged to shore, but tragically died from his injuries. The golden retriever found his way back to shore and holds his owners’ glove in his mouth as he waits for the man to be rescued in the picture. This story does have a bittersweet ending though. One of the fire fighters who responded to the emergency adopted the dogs for his family through the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


“Major Emergency Blaze”
Published in The Los Angeles Firefighter
Photo by Shawn Kaye
Submitted by Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

One hundred twenty-five Los Angeles fire fighters extinguished a major emergency blaze in a three-story office building near Echo Park last fall. One fire fighter received minor burns to his neck during the two hours it took for fire crews to gain control of the blaze.

Best Photo: Print Media (Circulation more than 100,000)

“Bellingham Marina Boat Fire”
Published in Fire Rescue Magazine
Photo by Jarod Trow
Submitted by Bellingham-Whatcom County, WA Local 106

Fire fighters responded to the Port of Bellingham Marina during the early hours of February 27, 2012, where they found one sailboat had burned and sank while several other boats were damaged. Freezing temperatures iced over the dock, so crews treated it to reduce the slip and water immersion. They also connected hand lines to the dock standpipe system, which were used to extinguish the fire.

“Downtown Mall Shooting”
Published in Toronto Star
Photo by Rick Madonik
Submitted by Toronto, ON Local 3888

Paramedics transport a 13-year-old boy out of Eaton Centre after he and five other people were caught in the crosshairs of a shooting. The shooting left one man dead, six people injured and prompted the suspects’ family to publicly discuss the negative effects of gangs and violence on society.


“Fight for Life I" and "Fight for Life II”
Published in Firehouse Magazine and Providence Journal
Photo by Thomas Carmody
Submitted by Pawtucket, RI Local 1261

Pawtucket, RI fire fighters try to extinguish a fire at an occupied house on Randall Street. As interior companies attempted to enter the attic, they encountered very high heat and requested that the roof be opened. Ladder 1 was assigned to the task, and after completion, two of the fire fighters had a terrifying experience. The roof began to give way, and one fire fighter lost his balance and began to roll off of the roof (nearly falling two stories to the ground). His lieutenant tried to assist his colleague–but fell up to his waist in the large hole. The lieutenant was able to use all his strength to pull himself out of the hole, and his partner regained his balance. Though it was a frightening experience, the two fire fighters skillfully removed themselves from the roof. Note: When the icon to the right is clicked, a two-paned window will pop up to display the winning photos. "Fight for Life I" will be on the left-hand side; "Fight for Life II" is on the right.                                                         


“Give Me the Balance”
Published in Buffalo News
Photo by David Kazmierczak
Submitted by Buffalo, NY Local 282

Buffalo, NY fire fighters try to keep this fire structure in check. The fire in this building spread, damaging three other structures.

Best Photo: Online Media

“Fully Involved”
Published in
Photo by Shane MacKichan
Submitted by Surrey, BC Local 1271

This photo was taken as Surrey fire fighters arrived at the scene of a fully involved house. Local 1271 members were able to contain the blaze before it spread to nearby homes.

“Paterson 4-11-12”
Published in
Photo by Bill Tompkins
Submitted by Englewood, NJ Local 3263

Englewood, NJ Local 3263 fire fighters responded to a three-alarm commercial-building fire that took several hours to extinguish. The picture depicts several large flames coming from the building as fire fighters put out the blaze.


“Maple Ridge Double Fatality Accident”
Published in The Province (
Photo by Shane MacKichan
Submitted by Maple Ridge, BC Local 4449

This photo shows Maple Ridge, BC Local 4449 fire fighters working hard to secure the scene after a serious two vehicle accident killed two people.



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