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Best News Story: Print Media

FIRST PLACE (Circulation fewer than 100,000)
“On the Helmets of Heroes”
Published in The Palm Beach Post
Written by Gary Coronado and Staci Sturrock
Submitted by Palm Beach County, FL Local 2928

This three-page, beautifully laid-out December 2012 story reveals the human side of the men and women in uniform. It shows that fire fighters are more than their functions: They are real people with real stories and are willing to risk everything for the public good.

FIRST PLACE (Circulation more than 100,000)
“Putting Out Fires”
Published in Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Written by Stephen B. Thornton
Submitted by Little Rock, AR Local 34

This well-written, July 2012 piece pays tribute to the quality of service of a community fire station in Little Rock, Arkansas, demonstrating effectively the station’s strong connection to local residents.

Best News Story: Online Media

“God Knows How Many More Would Have Died”
Published in The Las Vegas Sun
Written by Dave Toplikar, Kyle Hansen, Yasmina Chavez, Steve Marcus and Leila Navidi
Submitted by: Las Vegas City, NV Local 1285

This poignant and beautifully written piece recounts the 1980 fire at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and the lessons learned from that tragedy. This story will forever remain in the minds of those who witnessed, experienced and responded to this event. Although many lost their lives in this catastrophe, many lives have been saved since then through the lessons and through mandatory safety standards that apply to all high-rise structures.

Best Opinion Piece or Editorial

“Fire Alarm”
Published in Now
Written by Adam Giambrone
Submitted by Toronto, ON Local 3888

Outlining the dangers in cutting fire fighters’ budgets, this brief yet educational September 2012 editorial describes how budget cuts can significantly affect public safety and jeopardize the health of local residents.

“Henderson Professional Fire Fighters
aim for a ‘Summer of Safety’ for all”
Published in The Henderson Press
Written by Dan Pentkowski
Submitted by Henderson, NV Local 1883

Local 1883 President Dan Pentkowski’s article addressing summer safety tips provides an informative and concise story for local residents and provides tips for preventing accidental deaths caused by extreme heat during the summer months.

“Fire Fighters Have a Good Reputation in the Community for a Reason”
Published in The Sault Star
Written by Nadine Robinson
Submitted by Sault Ste. Marie, ON Local 529

Bravery is not the only characteristic inherent to fire fighters; they give their time and energy in a number of ways, often performing acts of charity for the hard-pressed members of the communities they serve. This May 2012 column does a great job showing the humble, caring and charitable nature of these fire fighters.


"How to Navigate Through Fire-Department Politics”
Published in Fire Chief Magazine
Written by Jim Spell
Submitted by Vail, CO Local 4138

This May 2012 article in Fire Chief Magazine (originally published under the title "Part of the Game") is both descriptive and persuasive in its depiction of firehouse politics. Combining both interpersonal politics and management styles in his analysis, Jim Spell takes readers to the end conclusion through a concise, well-written journey.



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