Outside the Box

Each year, the Media Awards receives more quality work than it can recognize—and some of that work doesn't fit neatly into just one category, or in some cases any category at all.

That sort of work is what the "Outside the Box" category is for. This is where the IAFF recognizes excellent work that shows fire fighting in a realistic and positive way and that falls outside our established categories (or blurs their lines).

“On Duty With Santa Barbara County Firefighters”
Produced by KEYT – ABC California Central Coast
Submitted by Santa Barbara County, CA Local 2046

Santa Barbara County, CA Local 2046 fire fighters participated in a reality television show broadcast on the local ABC affiliate. Each episode highlights the daily challenges fire fighters face. During one episode, fire fighters coordinated a delicate rescue involving a vehicle that was struck by a semi-truck, pushed over the side of a bridge and left hanging by the rear axle. The fire fighters were able to save the mother and two children inside the dangling car.


“Camp Houston Fire”
Produced by Erin Powers
Submitted by Houston, TX Local 341

The subject of this photo essay is a fire fighting camp supported by Houston Local 341 members to inspire young women to become fire fighters. Houston Local 341’s communication advisor Erin Powers donated his photography services for the project. Then, the photos were used to promote Local 341 during community presentations, on websites and camp fundraising activities.



“Fire Fighter’s Appreciation Day”
Produced by Brad Weaver
Submitted by McMinnville, TN Local 3026

Thousands of people came out to McMinnville Local 3026’s Fire Fighter’s Appreciation Day. The focus of the day was a fire fighter competition which required competitors to complete several fire fighting-related tasks in the fastest time. It was a fun way for the general public to see how challenging the job can be.



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