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Best special project

“California Fire Foundation 10th Anniversary Memorial Book”
Produced by CPF President Lou Paulson
Submitted by California Professional Firefighters

This hardcover book is a moving keepsake of the history of the California Professional Fire Foundation, marking the memorial’s 10th anniversary. The book is done with professional precision and is a beautiful tribute for California’s fallen.

“Hamilton County–Fire Ops 101
Produced by Scott Reppert and Ian Reppert
Submitted by Carmel, IN Local 4444 and Hamilton County, IN Local 4416

Indiana affiliates Carmel Local 4444 and Hamilton County Local 4416
This narrated video is not only a good illustration of what fire fighters do on a daily basis but it is also represents effectively the reaction of participants experiencing fire fighting for the first time. All of them commented on how difficult it is.


“Alarming Consequences”
Produced by Oshawa, ON Local 465 and Maxwell Heights Secondary School
Submitted by Oshawa, ON Local 465

Oshawa Local 465 members worked with their local secondary school to produce a video about the serious consequences that can occur as a result of pulling a false fire alarm. The video was made available to educators and others with the goal of reducing the number of false activations.



“Terre Haute’s Bravest”
Produced by Bill Berry
Submitted by Terre Haute, IN Local 758

This book provides a thorough history of the Terre Haute Fire Department. It provides a good balance of easy-to-follow text and photos that will help incoming fire fighters understand the history of the profession and the union.



“Fire Fighter FLASH Fire Prevention”
Produced by Dave Brasells and Trey Nelms
Submitted by Nashville, TN Local 140

This creative campaign uses a mascot—Flash, a Dalmatian dog—to teach kids when to and when not to call 911. Elements of the campaign include the mascot, coloring activities and videos.




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