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best Print Publication

Circulation fewer than 1,000

“The Hamilton County Fire Fighter Local 4416”
Produced by Anthony Murray and Travis Hawkins
Submitted by Hamilton County, IN Local 4416

This quarterly newsletter of Hamilton Local 4416 shares informative content concerning union matters. It is eye-catching and timely, with good content.


“Summer 2012 Smoke Signal"
Produced by Matt Gerber
Submitted by Green Bay, WI Local 141

The “Smoke Signal” definitely gives off the right signal, with good content, layout and presentation. The newsletter is distributed throughout 10 fire houses in Green Bay, Depere and Austin Straubel International Airport Fire Departments.


Circulation more than 1,000

"California Professional Firefighters"
Produced by California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by California Professional Firefighters

The "California Professional Firefighters" is distributed to more than 30,000 frontline fire fighters. The content is engaging and easy to read, and the layout is great.


“Ignition Point”
Produced by Pete Steenaerts
Submitted by Calgary, AB Local 255

“Ignition Point” is the official publication of Calgary fire fighters, published four times a year. It provides relevant information that fire fighters should know and is a beautiful looking publication.


Intrepid Magazine
Produced by James Coones
Submitted by Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association

Intrepid Magazine is a 32-page quarterly publication that provides important information that affects fire fighters. More than 11,000 members receive the publication, which has educated Ontario fire fighters on union issues for the past 20 years.



Produced by New York Uniformed Fire Officers Association, Local 854
Submitted by New York Uniformed Fire Officers Association, Local 854

A monthly publication, the Trumpet has a good, simple clean format that presents information in a timely way. The content is direct and on point.



FireWatch magazine
Produced by Toronto, ON Local 3888
Submitted by Toronto, ON Local 3888

FireWatch is a good-looking publication with thoughtful content and design.




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