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Best PR or political outreach project

“Ketchum Firefighters Local 4758 Public Relations Campaign”
Produced by Ketchum, ID Local 4758
Submitted by Ketchum, ID Local 4758

The Ketchum Firefighters launched an aggressive public relations campaign after the city repeatedly refused to bargain in good faith with Local 4758.  The members first developed a website that detailed every step of the ongoing battle. To draw the public to the site, the fire fighters announced the 8/8/800 campaign, through which the eight local members challenged themselves to do 800 hours of community service in eight months. Each fire fighter was featured on a trading card that included information about the fire fighter and included the campaign’s web address. After the campaign, the fire fighters were finally able to settle their contract.

“Firefighters ‘No’ on 32”
Produced by California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by California Professional Firefighters

Proposition 32 was a statewide ballot initiative that would have put significant restrictions on the ability of IAFF affiliates and other unions to be politically active. The California Professional Fire Fighters used a full range of media resources including print, video, social media and direct member-to-member contact. As a result, the proposition was defeated.



“Vote ‘Yes’ on Charter #2”
Produced by Thomas Butler, Butler Associates, and Stamford, CT Local 786 President Brendan Keatley
Submitted by Stamford, CT Local 786

A citywide charter revision ballot initiative asked citizens to vote yes or no on a plan that would streamline Stamford’s fire services by creating a single fire chief position to manage the city’s one paid and five volunteer departments. Stamford Local 786 worked with Butler Associates, a public relations firm, to create an effective grassroots campaign using a variety of messaging media. The result? Citizens responded with a resounding “yes” on Charter #2.



“Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters Storm Brochure”
Produced by Local 122 Public Relations Director Mark Treglio
Submitted by Jacksonville, FL Local 122

As Superstorm Sandy approached the Florida coastline, Jacksonville Local 122 distributed a severe-storm preparedness brochure not only to help ensure the safety of Jacksonville citizens but also to educate them on what fire fighters do in response to extreme-weather events.



“Check Your Seats in the Heat Because Heat Kills”
Produced by Henderson, NV Local 1883
Submitted by Henderson, NV Local 1883

The Henderson Professional Firefighters put together a successful educational campaign to remind motorists of the dangers of leaving children and pets in their vehicles during the summer.



“The Risks of Fire”
Produced by Tom Butler and Katie Linek, Butler Associates, and Local 273 President Byron Gray
Submitted by New Rochelle, NY Local 273

To help stop staff reductions and possible fire company closures, New Rochelle, NY Local 273 worked with Butler Associates, a public relations firm, to create an educational video series about fire safety. The series examined the dangers of smoke inhalation; modern fires that burn faster, hotter and more toxic; the physical toll on fire fighters; and on-the-job injuries. The videos were posted on YouTube and promoted via social media.




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