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Rules of Parliamentary Procedure

Pursuant to Article IV, Section 11 of the IAFF Constitution and By-Laws, local, state, and provincial affiliates may choose to adopt either the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order or Atwood's Rules for Meetings to govern their deliberations. The International's Executive Board and the IAFF Convention are governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

Robert's Rules of Order can be purchased at most bookstores. A valid choice would be the 2nd Edition by Mary A. De Vries.

Atwood's Rules for Meetings is published by the International Association of Fire Fighters with permission from the late Dr. Roswell L. Atwood, who served the IAFF for twenty years as a consultant, parliamentarian, and director of education and research. The electronic version of Atwood's Rules for Meetings posted on the IAFF website is for the exclusive use and benefit of IAFF affiliates and members and is not to be disseminated to unaffiliated parties. Please do not distribute copies of these rules outside the IAFF.

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