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IAFF/IAFC PFT's 25 Certified PFTs
Duties Fitness evals

One-on-one & group trainings

Station visits on wellness issues

Fitness equipment checks

Fire Fit classes

Occupational Health & Fitness Committee meetings

Articles for newsletter

Exercise Time

1 hour per shift for operational personnel and 1/2 hour for Admin positions

Exercise Program Members or crews can request one-on-one with a PFT via a formal request for service process

Fire Fit Class of the month (members come off-shift on their own time) led by a PFT with advanced certification in that field

Information provided in "Fitness" and "Workouts" sections in the Occupational Health & Fitness In-web

Equipment 1 major piece of cardio (treadmill or stepmill, or elliptical, or concept II), full dumbbell set, medicine ball, stability balls, and exercise mats in stations

Larger stations have additional weights (dual pulley, spin bike, Olympic weights, kettlebells) depending on size of space

Nutrition Information provided in "Cooking on Shift" and "Nutrition" sections of OCC Health & Fitness In-web, as part of a newsletter info., and updates to PFTs

2009 Recruit Warm-up
Exercise Class Evaluation Sheet
Fire Fit 2009 Class Schedule
Goal Setting Worksheet
Heart Rate Record
Request for PFT Services Form
Request to Teach Fire Fit Class