This section contains a list of departments with IAFF/IAFC/ACE certified PFT's and their duties.

The IAFF, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the IAFF/IAFC Task Force have agreed that to successfully implement the Wellness/Fitness Initiative and the CPAT, there must be a fire fighter in each department who can take the lead. This individual must have the ability to design and implement fitness programs, to improve the wellness and fitness of his or her department and to assist with the physical training of recruits. This need for a department-level leader led to the development of the Fire Service Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) certification program. Certified PFTs are essential in helping the IAFF/IAFC Task Force accomplish two of its most fundamental missions:

  • improving fire fighter health, wellness, fitness, safety and performance

  • improving the effectiveness of our fire fighters and every fire department in meeting the needs of the community

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Austin +/- 20 Physical fitness for recruits

CPAT orientation and proctor

Calgary 30 Coaching/mentoring

Recruit training

Program design

CPAT proctors

Charlotte 1 Basic exercise counseling

Assist and offer feedback to Physical Fitness Coordinator regarding areas of concern and opportunities for improvement

Oversight of Job Related Physical Ability Test practice sessions

Fairfax Co. Yes Work performance evaluation

Exercise programming

Proctor CPAT

Indianapolis 28 Recruit Fitness

CPAT Mentoring/Proctor

Incumbent Work Performance Evaluations

Incumbent fitness programming

Los Angeles Co. Yes Fitness Assessments and Exercise Prescriptions

Body composition evaluation and weight management counseling

Recruit Fitness Training

Injury prevention program

Metro Dade Co. 37 Post daily WOD's (Workout of the Day)
New York City 50 Assist in annual medical administration

Design fitness programs for members

Maintain fitness equipment

Instructors for Academy recruits

Instructors for CPAT mentoring program

Phoenix Yes Fire fighter consults

Training Academy


Department classes

Seattle 25 Certified PFTs Fitness evals

One-on-one & group trainings

Station visits on wellness issues

Fitness equipment checks

Fire Fit classes

Occupational Health & Fitness Committee meetings

Articles for newsletter

Beckley 1 In charge of CPAT and all wellness activities
Carrollton 12 Conduct functional movement screenings

Fitness assessments

Performance assessments

Develop exercise prescriptions

Council Bluffs 6 CPAT

Wellness activities

Lewiston 4 Develop personalized exercise programs

Administer aerobic capacity and flexibility evaluations

Mesa 17 Promotion of fitness, fitness evaluations, recruit physical training, CPAT administration, fire fighter one-on-one consults, and department wellness training
Narragansett 1 Oversee all fitness and rehabilitation programs

Collects fitness data for all individuals participating in the program

Coordinates behavioral health consultations

Facilitates all wellness and nutritional education

Organizes all fitness/fundraising events and competitions for the department

Orange Co. Fire Authority 40 Education

Fitness assessments

Academy fitness

Fitness program design/implementation

One-on-one training at stations

Portland 30 certified PFTs Provide exercise guidance

Remedial exercise programs

Rehabilitation exercise programs

Port Moody 6 Basic exercise counseling

Fitness assessments

Facilitate wellness/fitness education

Prince George's Co. 6 Conduct physical fitness appraisals

Maintain equipment

Facilitate wellness/fitness education and promotion at the station/battalion level

Recruit physical fitness appraisals and pre-hiring wellness/fitness mentoring

Research and development of new wellness/fitness methods

Coordination and communication of information and data to the Risk Mgmt. Office and the Wellness and Fitness Coordinator

San Diego A few at the academy N/A
Snohomish County Fire District 1 15 Exercise programming

Fitness assessment

Manage each component of the WFI and responsible for that components training and education

Tualatin Valley 13 Assist Wellness Program Coordinator in completing annual fitness assessments

Assist HR in administration of CPAT; all PFTs are trained CPAT Proctors

Attend and participate in Wellness Committee meetings

Develop injury prevention and health promotion programs that are disseminated via station presentation, web or video

Develop personalized exercise prescription to staff when requested