Nutrition plays a significant role in exercise performance and recovery.  Some benefits of a well balanced diet include:  optimal energy delivery, enhanced recovery, and strengthened immune function.  Obesity increases an individual's risk for injury, reduces performance, and adversely affects the ability to dissipate heat while working.  A well balanced diet, combined with a consistent exercise program, is the most reliable method to reduce body fat. 

The working environment of uniformed personnel presents unique challenges to the maintenance of healthy eating habits.  The high levels of stress, physical demands, long term exposures to chemicals and disease, and poor nutritional habits have contributed to elevated risks of heart disease and cancer within the fire service.  Proper nutrition enhances the performance and quality of life of uniformed personnel. 

For more information on nutrition, please visit the IAFF Fit to Survive website. 

Here you will find the daily Menu Planner where you can plan out meals for the day, week or month, take a nutrition quiz and read about portion distortion.  

This section contains a list of nutrition programs each department has implemented. Right-click on the table to export this information to an Excel spreadsheet.


Counseling by appointment

Calgary Contract resources through EFAP services and other agencies
Charlotte None
Fairfax Co. N/A
Indianapolis Contracted - Public Safety Medical Services Dietician
Los Angeles Co. Meal Plans
Metro Dade Co. Registered Dietician; Wellness intranet resource for nutrition and recipes provided to members
New York City Nutritional recommendations are made by PFTs; referred to nutritionist or R.D. if desired
Phoenix Contracted registered dietitian upon health center physicians referral only

Nutritional counseling

Diet and weight management

Brown Bag Lunch Program

Healthy Recipes

Seattle Information provided in "Cooking on Shift" and "Nutrition" sections of OCC Health & Fitness In-web, as part of a newsletter info., and updates to PFTs
Beckley Counseling available
Carrollton None
Council Bluffs Counseling available
Lewiston Access to dietician if requested
Mesa Information provided through video presentations, wellness team interactions, training, medical exams, and our quarterly wellness newsletter
Narragansett Outsourced educational programs through Muni Blue (Blue Cross); diabetes education through Muni Blue
Orange Co. Fire Currently being developed
Portland Counseling available
Port Moody Education by PFTs on their respective shifts
Prince George's Co. Wellness and Fitness Director works with a certified nutritionist
San Diego Yes
Snohomish County Fire District 1 Yes - Provide education, nutrition tools and meal plans

Nutrition Program

Tualatin Valley Individual appointments, newsletter