Metropolitan Dade County, FL
Duties Post daily WOD's (Workout of the Day)


Exercise Time

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Exercise Program "Get Fit" Challenge

Crossfit seminar

Exercise Challenges

FITNESS ZONE intranet - members post monthly circuits, fitness articles, list of PFT's, upcoming fitness events, WFI information

Physical Therapy program

Equipment Treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, weights and Smith Machine at each station
Nutrition Registered Dietician; Wellness intranet resource for nutrition and recipes provided to members

  Assessment Protocol Worksheet
  Body Fat Calculator
  Circuit Poster
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  Healthy Back Circuit
  Nautilus Equipment Budget

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Incentive Programs

Get Fit Program

     2010 Get Fit Fundraiser
     Get Fit 2010 Tshirt
     Get Fit After Party Invitation
     Get Fit Flyer
     Get Fit Poster 2009
     2008 Get Fit Challenge
T-shirt Design

  Flag Football Poster
  MDPD/MDFR Challenge Poster
  Obstacle Course Competition
  President Fitness Challenge
  Pumper Pull Winners
  Stay Fit 5k T-shirt
  Tunnel to Towers 5k 2009