Mesa, AZ
IAFF/IAFC PFTs 31 wellness team members with various certifications in wellness and fitness including 17 PFTs
Duties Promotion of fitness, fitness evaluations, recruit physical training, CPAT administration, fire fighter one-on-one consults, and department wellness training
Exercise Time

Yes - minimum of one and a half hours per shift, on-duty

Exercise Program Crossfit, Ultimate Frisbee, work hardening circuits, and standard cardiovascular and strength training
Equipment All fire stations are equipped with aerobic equipment and various resistance and weight training equipment depending on station size and number of crew members. When a stationís fitness facility is not adequate for the crews assigned there the department will purchase gym memberships to a gym in the area that members can use on shift only.
Nutrition Information provided through video presentations, wellness team interactions, training, medical exams, and our quarterly wellness newsletter