Los Angeles Co., CA
Duties Fitness Assessments and Exercise Prescriptions

Body composition evaluation and weight management counseling

Recruit Fitness Training

Injury prevention program

Exercise Time

On-duty mandatory 1.5 hours dedicated time

Exercise Program Recruit fitness program - daily exercises led by PFT's

Post recruit mentor program

Equipment In every station - weight bench w/dumbbells; recumbent bike and treadmill; stability ball
Nutrition Meal Plans

16 Week Fire Suppression Aid Fitness Program
16 Week Fitness Program Tracking Sheet
Cardiovascular Fitness Worksheet
Fitness for Life Career Path
Fitness Evaluation Flow Chart
Fitness Orientation Agenda
Fitness Orientation Letter
Fitness Policy Background
PFT Referral Form
Physical Fitness Guidelines
Pre Academy Fitness Orientation
Probationary Fire Fighter Fitness Contract
Program Design Instructions
Program Design Template
Recruit Pre-Academy Briefing
Proposal for Assisting FF Candidates
Self Assessment Protocols
Station Equipment Nautilus Invoice