Fairfax CO., VA
Duties Work performance evaluation

Exercise programming

Proctor CPAT

WelFit Program Staff Health Programs Manager

WelFit Program Manager - oversees the PFT Program, CPAT, Work Performance Evaluation and satellite fitness facilities and equipment needs

Strength Conditioning & Exercise Specialist

Exercise Time

2 Hours/Day On duty - Can use recreation centers; 5 satellite gyms; deals with local gyms

Exercise Program Wellness Fitness Center - training and education are provided to support fitness program
Equipment Every station has cardio and weight equipment
Nutrition There are currently no links or files available for dissemination.  You can get more information from the contact listed above. 

CPAT Costs
Draft Station Exercise Handbook
FCFR Recruit Wellness Fitness Handout
Fitness for Duty SOP
Fitness Program SOP
Informational Bulletin
Managing Peer Fitness Trainers
SOP Work Performance Evaluation
Station Exercise Handbook
Wellness  Fitness Program Power Point
Wellness Fitness Program Manual
Wellness Fitness Newsletter June 2008
Wellness Fitness Newsletter Fall 2008
Wellness Fitness Newsletter Winter 2008
Wellness Fitness Newsletter Spring 2009