It is necessary to provide dedicated on-duty time for exercise to assist in promoting physical fitness.  While scheduling on-duty time may vary due to emergency calls, training, and other duties, it is recommended that 60-90 minutes be allotted for every shift.  The health, fitness, and wellness of all uniformed personnel must be maintained as a priority.

To efficiently utilize allotted exercise time, adequate equipment and facilities for a total and balanced exercise program must be available to uniformed personnel.  Traditionally, equipment and facilities have been provided in one of the following ways:  exercise equipment placed directly into each fire station; centralized fire department locations where personnel can exercise; contracted fitness center locations where personnel can exercise; use of outdoor alternative facilities such as track, high school, park or local college/university.

Peer Fitness Trainers should encourage safety and participation through their professional guidance and supervision of uniformed personnel regarding fitness issues and exercise programs.  For more information on Peer Fitness Trainers, visit this link.

The elements necessary for a successful and comprehensive exercise program are highlighted in the 3rd Edition of the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative.

This section contains a list of the different exercise programs, equipment, and on-duty workout time each department has implemented. Right-click on the table to export this information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Austin Fitness consultation

Personal training

Kettlebell training 

On duty Treadmills, bikes and weights at each station
Calgary Designed by PFT's 1.5 hrs per shift Full compliment
Charlotte Fire Fighter determined Yes Exercise equipment at each station including treadmill, Smith machine, free weights and bench, dumbbells, stability balls, pulley system, exercise mats
Fairfax Co. Wellness Fitness Center - training and education are provided to support fitness program 2 Hours/Day On duty

Can use recreation centers

5 satellite gyms

deals with local gyms

Every station has cardio and weight equipment
Indianapolis Crossfit preparation program/Crossfit on-ramp SOG being updated Cardiovascular/Strength training/Functional training equipment
Los Angeles Recruit fitness program - daily exercises led by PFT's

Post recruit mentor program 

On-duty mandatory 1.5 hours In every station - weight bench w/dumbbells; recumbent bike and treadmill; stability ball
Metro Dade Co. "Get Fit" Challenge

Crossfit seminar

Exercise Challenges

FITNESS ZONE intranet - members post monthly circuits, fitness articles, list of PFT's, upcoming fitness events, WFI information

Physical Therapy program

On duty Treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, weights and Smith Machine at each station
New York City Various aerobic training

Circuit training (resistance)

Daily as schedule of duties allows Every firehouse has a gym

Equipment is either bought by members chipping in, donated from private individuals, health clubs, colleges, etc.

Example - network with a local sports club; universities for liquidated equipment

Phoenix Health education

Tobacco cessation training

Individual programs upon request

Yes - minimum of 1 hour on-duty All fire stations are equipped with aerobic equipment and various resistance and weight training equipment depending on station size and number of crew members
Seattle Members or crews can request one-on-one with a PFT via a formal request for service process

Fire Fit Class of the month (members come off-shift on their own time) led by a PFT with advanced certification in that field

Information provided in "Fitness" and "Workouts" sections in the Occupational Health & Fitness In-web

1 hour per shift for operational personnel and 1/2 hour for Admin positions 1 major piece of cardio (treadmill or stepmill, or elliptical, or concept II), full dumbbell set, medicine ball, stability balls, and exercise mats in stations

Larger stations have additional weights (dual pulley, spin bike, Olympic weights, kettlebells) depending on size of space

Beckley Individual, with PFT On duty In each station and discounted gym memberships
Carrollton Individual, with PFT 60-90 minute on duty time In each station - treadmill, elliptical, free weights and bench, dumbbells 5 to 70 lbs. Some stations have additional equipment 
Council Bluffs Individual, with PFT On-duty In each station - includes treadmill, elliptical, free weights and bench, dumbbells 5 to 70 lbs.  Some stations have additional equipment
Snohomish County Fire District 1 Yes Two hours - 8:30am - 10:30 am Yes in all eight fire stations - treadmills, step mills, Kettle bells, free weights and exercise mats
Lewiston Individual, with PFT On duty - 60 minutes In each station
Mesa Crossfit, Ultimate Frisbee, work hardening circuits, and standard cardiovascular and strength training Yes - minimum of one and a half hours per shift, on-duty All fire stations are equipped with aerobic equipment and various resistance and weight training equipment depending on station size and number of crew members. Gym memberships if station fitness facility not adequate.
Narragansett Cardiovascular, muscle endurance and strength training programs such as Cross Fit and Kettle bell programs

Many cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, cycling, running, rowing and stair climbing encouraged

On duty (1 hour daily when possible) and off duty time allocated; minimum 3-4 days per week Full Smith machine, Kettlebells, Bosu balls, medicine balls, free weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines
Orange Co. Fire Authority Core strength

Academy PT

Quarterly classes

Contract with training and rehab vendor

On duty, 60-90 minutes per shift Full compliment or gym memberships
Portland N/A On duty, one hour per shift In each station

Three centralized facilities

Discounted gym memberships

Port Moody Personal aerobic and circuit training

TWIST Sports Conditioning Series

1.5 hours per shift Both stations are equipped with aerobic equipment (treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike)

Nautilus machine, dumbbells (10lb - 70lb), Bosu board, balance board, stability balls and medicine balls

Prince George's Co. Functional Physical Fitness Training Programs

Peer Fitness Trainer Programs

Pre-Hire Fitness Preparation Program

Recruit Fitness Training Program

Minimum of 1.5 hours 3 days each week on day work

2 hours every 24 hour work shift  

In house 360/sq foot fitness center includes:  treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, rowing machines, stair climbers, machine and free weights

Use of station equipment, community centers

San Diego Regional Wellness Program contracted w/San Diego Sports Medicine Center - provide full staffing for wellness exams and education Yes Yes - small gym or discount at local gyms
Tualatin Valley Monthly newsletters

Activity specific exercise programs

In-house wellness presentations

On-duty - 90 minutes per shift for career fire fighters Full compliment