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Is Sarcoidosis an Occupational Disease?

It is interesting that berylliosis (exposure to beryllium metal) used to be called sarcoidosis until a specific test was discovered that identified beryllium metal as the cause in this group of patients. Clinical symptoms, signs, chest film and biopsy results are indistinguishable from sarcoidosis. This was the first "sarcoid" like disease proven to be occupational.

Sarcoidosis in NYC Fire Fighters

Recently, Dr. David Prezant (NYC Fire Department, Montefiore Medical Center & Albert Einstein College of Medicine) showed that Sarcoidosis affected NYC firefighters in numbers greater than would be expected for the general population in NYC. His study, started in 1986 and to date has identified more than 30 firefighters with this illness. With rare exceptions, these firefighters are now doing well, are relatively asymptomatic and nearly all have returned to full firefighting duties. However, a few required leave for treatment and several have received disability benefits due to persistent pulmonary impairment.

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