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Occupational Medicine

The Division is dedicated to providing fire fighters and emergency medical responders with the most current information on how the work environment affects their health.  The department maintains extensive educational material as well as technical medical information.  The department is staffed by a full time John Hopkins University Occupational Medicine Resident who can provide personalized assistance on occupational health concerns.

Occupational Medicine Resident Program

Through IAFF convention action in 1986, the occupational medicine residency program was established. The Johns Hopkins University, in conjunction with the IAFF, supports full-time medical residents each for a two-month rotation at the IAFF.  The medical residents provide technical medical assistance, develop educational materials, make educational presentations, and lobby at the federal, state and provincial governments.  Read More

As a part of the program, medical residents are required to produce a membership education project related to occupational hazards encountered by fire fighters and paramedics. The following educational projects have been completed or updated by IAFF Occupational Medicine Residents.


NEW - Flu Pandemic


Back Injuries and Fire Fighters
Bloodborne Pathogens
          CDC Post-exposure Treatment Protocols
          Hepatitis C
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
Cell Tower Radiation Health Effects
Diving Medicine

Infectious Disease
Exercise Stress Test
Lyme Disease
Lung Disease in the Fire Service
          Asthma and COPD


Methamphetamine Labs


Pulmonary Function Testing
SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

West Nile Virus

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