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Quick Facts About Smallpox
The Disease
The Vaccine
After Vaccination
    Will I be monitored after receiving the vaccine?
    Can someone who has been vaccinated spread the vaccinia virus?
    How long after vaccination can vaccinia be transmitted?
    Can vaccinia be spread via sneezing?
    How should I care for the vaccination site?
    Can ointments or creams be used on the vaccination site?
    What are the procedures for proper bandage disposal?
    What if I get cut in the area of the vaccination?
    What procedures should be used in the firehouse?
    Can vaccinees share PPE?
    Can a recently vaccinated fire fighter treat patients?
    Can I be placed on light duty while recovering from the vaccine?
    Can recent vaccinees work out in a gym?
    Should a household bath or shower be sanitized after use?
    How should I care for personal laundry?
    Can I have sexual intercourse after vaccination?
    Should I sleep in a separate area at home after vaccination?
    How should I care for bed linens at home?
Issues of Risk
Employer Responsibilities
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