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Quick Facts About Smallpox
The Disease
The Vaccine
    What is the history of smallpox vaccination?
    What is the smallpox vaccine?
    How safe is the vaccine?
    Will the new vaccine be safer than the current one?
    Is it possible to get smallpox from the vaccination?
    How should I assess my personal risk of getting the vaccine?
    How effective is the vaccine?
    Will vaccination protect me from man-made mutations?
    Are those vaccinated before 1972 immune?
    Is it too late to get the vaccine after exposure?
    How is the vaccine given?
    How much vaccine is available?
    What factors contraindicate the vaccine?
    Should pregnant women be vaccinated?
    May I receive the vaccine even if I have contradictions?
    What are normal reactions to the vaccine?
    What complications may result?
    What are the possible cardiac-related reactions?
    How may complications be treated?
After Vaccination
Issues of Risk
Employer Responsibilities
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