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Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Kick-off Stop, Drop and Control Program

The Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665, kicked off the IAFF Stop, Drop and Control High Blood Pressure Program™, encouraging all fire stations and all shifts to participate in the program, a collaborative campaign between the IAFF and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation to increase awareness of high blood pressure (hypertension) among IAFF members and help them take action to manage this condition. Fire Fighters received education on the danger of high blood pressure, cooking tips, recipe ideas and practice preparing heart healthy food.

The program also includes resources and materials IAFF affiliates can use to conduct blood pressure screenings in their communities and educate the public on the dangers of the disease and the importance of treating it.

Several members from Local 2665 shared their experience and the positive impact the Stop, Drop and Control Program has made in their local and their own lives.

“Part of our mission is to provide our community with life safety and health interventions and education. It makes sense to include ourselves in that mission. The Stop, Drop and Control High Blood Pressure Program™ is a great tool to bring personal health information directly into the firehouse.”

- Rich Minda, Local 2665 Shop Steward, Vice President

“The Stop, Drop and Control High Blood Pressure Program™ helped us get our heads around the importance of maintaining a healthy blood pressure. It has caused us to rethink some choices, both at the firehouse and at home.”

- Kelly Grassmuck, Fire Fighter and Paramedic

“Better nutrition choices, a little more exercise and education provided by the Stop, Drop and Control High Blood Pressure Program™ can make me healthier, keep me and my crew safer and keep me on the job longer. I’m in!”

- Kevin Klump, Fire Fighter and Paramedic

“We take every measure to protect our personnel and that must include awareness and prevention of the leading cause of death among fire fighters in this country -- cardiovascular disease. This initiative helps us reach that goal.”

- Dave Frazier Jr., Chief of Fire & EMS Services

Read the press releases below announcing Local 2665's launch of the Stop, Drop and Control High Blood Pressure Program™.

Stop, Drop and Control Press Release
West County Press Release

A copy of the agenda menu Local 2665 used as part of the launch is available here.

These documents provide ideas on how to launch, promote and implement this program in your local. Already, hundreds of IAFF affiliates have hosted blood pressure screening events in their communities or are planning to participate in Novartis-supported health fairs using the screening-in-a-box tool. The IAFF urges all affiliates to get involved with this program.

For more information about the Stop, Drop, Control campaign and to receive a full program toolkit, click here, call (877) 352-6474 x 29111 or e-mail stop.dropcontrol@novartis.com.


This information is for educational purposes only. It does not replace the advice of your physician. If you have any medical concerns or issues, contact your physician.