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Fire Fighter Becky Walachovic: Fit to Survive

Becky Walachovic, a fire fighter and member of Norton Shores, MI Local 2559, has gone above and beyond in the health and wellness field. She plays a very active role in the department’s wellness program and is an inspiration to many who work with her.

Walachovic began her journey towards a lifestyle change and to lose weight in September 2005. “I used food for so much more than a meal,” she says. “I have struggled with my weight since childhood. Food was my comfort and safe thing to turn to.” Walachovic says the first couple weeks were the hardest, but once she began losing weight was excited to see what the next week would bring.

In 2006, Walachovic became pregnant with her first son, Chase. She tried to stay on track by eating healthy. Then she became pregnant with her second son, Grady, in 2007. Walachovic was on weight restrictions during both pregnancies and eventually gave up on the gym. “I was upset with myself because I had gained back all the weight I had lost before having the boys,” she recalls.

Walachovic knew she needed to make some major lifestyle changes. “My job, my health and my kids were all affected by my poor eating habits,” she explains. She joined Weight Watchers and learned about portion control and how to make healthier choices. After one year on the program, she joined a gym and continues to work out five to six days a week. “I love to work out and enjoy the new friends I have made,” she notes. Walachovic also uses the IAFF Fit to Survive Menu Planner to keep fit and healthy. “I find it very helpful -- I am not struggling to come up with ideas on my own.”

As a member of the fire department Health and Wellness Committee, Walachovic wants to help others who are struggling with weight issues. The results of her lifestyle change have been the model for others to follow. Because of her, there are a lot more salads at the dinner table.”

Her captain, Andy Casperson, says, “She has been one of the greatest influences for our personnel. She has lost more than 100 pounds and made a lifestyle change that included diet and physical fitness without using gimmicks or supplements.”

Becky's turnout pants after losing weight.


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