Case Study 12 IAFF Locals 94 and 854

02-03-05 UFOA letter.pdf
04-01-05 FDNY letter.pdf
04-08-05 UFOA letter.pdf
05-26-05 FDNY letter.pdf
07-12-05 UFOA letter.pdf
07-26-05 FDNY letter.pdf
08-18-2005 FDNY letter.pdf
09-14-05 FDNY letter.pdf
11-04-04 UFOA letter.pdf
11-15-04 UFOA letter.pdf
1-19-05 FDNY letter.pdf
12-30-04 FDNY letter.pdf
7-28-05 UFOA letter.pdf
FDNY - Post Article.PDF
FDNY Crash Description.pdf
Fire Response Lags in the City, Exposing a Rift - New York T.pdf
Mayor Says Unions Are Using Fire Response Times as Bargainin.pdf
New York City_ UFA head_ Scoppetta's criticism 'a desperate .pdf
New York Daily News - Home - Burning mad at union.pdf
New York Daily News - Home - Mayor & fire union prez see red.pdf
Newsday.com_ City and firefighters clash, again, over allege.pdf
FDNY Order 21.pdf
UFA 94 Safety Message #07.pdf
UFA 94 Safety Message #09.pdf
UFOA 854 Pass Along Bulletin #2 of 2006.pdf

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