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Problems Connecting?. Please try the direct links below. Should you still be experiencing problems, please email us at

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General Connection/Access Problem :: Sometimes PCs, corporate servers and ISPs cache web pages, press F5. Pressing F5 refreshes your connection to the webcast server and re-loading a webcast web-page and related content. This can sometimes fix a general connection problem.

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Audio and Sound Problems :: There are three separate controls that can effect a user's audio levels. (1) There are typically controls on laptops and stand-alone desktop PC speakers that can be used to control power and volume to the physical speakers. (2) In the PC control-panel there is a sound and audio control that allows the user to control the volume of the speakers through the computers operating system. (3) The video media player has a mute button and volume controls on its interface. This can also be the reason why audio may not be heard.

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Buffering and Freeze Frames :: A congested local Internet connection will result in video buffering and freezing frames. Under very congested circumstances the video may stop streaming but the audio will continue. The video and audio might also start and stop intermittently when internet connection congestion is experienced.

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Apple Macintosh :: Mac users can use the free Flip4Mac media player to watch Windows Media streaming files. Some older Mac OS (version 9 and earlier) can also download the last version of the Mac Media Player from Microsoft.

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Player "Not Connecting" to Media :: Some firewalls can block access to Windows Media Streams. If you cannot access any video at all, please contact your local IT resources for assistance. It is likely that your organization's firewall is limiting access to streaming Windows Media Video.

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Video Quality (Visibly Poor Quality or No Video) :: Poor quality video can be experienced under a number of conditions. Mac users may experience lower quality streaming video. Users of older Windows Media Players may also experience lower quality streaming video. Users on congested internet connections also may experience lower quality streaming video. Video may look grainer under these circumstances. We recommend watching Windows Media webcasts on a PC with a broadband internet connection with a Windows Media Player version 9, 10 or 11.

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Player and Browser Recommendation/Requirement :: Windows Media Player 9, 10 or 11.  If you have an older Windows Media Player, for example version 6.4, 7.1 or 8.0 you should upgrade your media player now.  You can check your player version by opening your Windows Media Player and selecting "Help" then "About Windows Media Player". If you don't have a Windows Media Player on your computer you will need to install one. You can download a Windows Media Player by clicking here.

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Useful Links for Downloading and Troubleshooting Local Streaming Issues

Windows Media Player Downloads:

Windows Media Player Help Documentation:

Troubleshooting Windows Media Player 9 Error Messages:

Troubleshooting Windows Media Player 10 Error Messages:

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