John P. Redmond Symposium 

Occupational Health & Hazards
of the Fire Service

"As our nation's domestic defenders, fire fighters and paramedics continue to face traditional hazards, as well as many new emerging threats. The IAFF remains on the frontline to improve the health and safety of our members. This year's IAFF Redmond Symposium reflects our commitment to explore the cause of every IAFF member's death, injury or illness, and address solutions to further protect our members." 

Harold A. Schaitberger, IAFF General President

Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Personnel face new and daunting challenges today in terms of Homeland Security issues, and they need to be equally protected for the future. The IAFF’s goal is to provide IAFF affiliate departments with the tools necessary to prevent fire fighter fatalities, injuries and illnesses. The IAFF and the John P. Redmond Foundation are committed to continuing the fight to make this job safer and have been on the frontline in every major health and safety initiative in the fire service.

The John P. Redmond Foundationís 20th Symposium on the Occupational Health and Safety Hazards of the Fire Service will be held November 8 - 12, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California. 

Click here to view videos of the 19th Symposium held October 21-25, 2007 in Chicago, Illinois.

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