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Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Loans


  • The IAFF offers three scholarship programs to its members:

    • The McClennan Scholarship provides financial assistance in the sum of $2,500 per year for sons, daughters or legally adopted children of fire fighters killed in the line of duty planning to attend a university, accredited college or other institution of higher learning. Scholarships are awarded annually and may be renewed (if approved) up to four consecutive years, providing that the recipient maintains satisfactory scholastic standards.

    • The Harvard University Trade Union Program provides an annual award of $1,000 plus the cost of tuition for two IAFF members in good standing with an IAFF Local Affiliate to attend the Harvard University Trade Union Program.

    • The Labour College of Canada (LCC) resumed its Intensive Program following significant changes to course design and delivery in 2010. The Intensive Program is offered to union activists from across Canada who want to learn about the history of the Canadian labour movement, the political economy, labour law and much more. For more information visit the LCC website.

  • Union Plus, a service of Union Privilege established by the AFL-CIO, provides consumer benefits to members and retirees of participating labor unions. It offers three scholarships:

    • The Union Plus Scholarship Program is available to current and retired members of unions participating in any Union Plus program, their spouses and their dependent children. The amount of the award ranges from $500 - $4,000; and

  • Canadian students can search for scholarships online through the CanLearn site.

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