Elements of an effective approach

Elements of an action plan

Determine what you want to achieve and the steps necessary to ensure success. After you gather resources, methodically implement your plan. Evaluate your progress and change when needed.


  • Choose goals.

  • Gather information.

  • Identify needs.

  • Determine resources.

  • List key implementation steps.

  • Implement plan.

  • Evaluate progress.

  • Adjust as needed.




Local 5000 develops an action plan for maintaining staffing levels of four fire fighters per apparatus. Using the resources they had previously identified, Local 5000 focuses their action plan on four key steps to keep their current staffing levels.


Step 1   Educate membership on staffing issue.


Step 2   Develop alternative options for staffing cuts using municipal budget.


Step 3   Develop a comprehensive public outreach campaign on the staffing issue.


Step 4   Arrange meeting with city council on the proposed staffing cuts.


After completing each step, the Executive Board of Local 5000 meets to discuss the effectiveness of their approach and adapts their plan accordingly.