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Stephen Cassidy, President

 Since his election in August 2002, Stephen J. Cassidy has served as the President of the Uniformed Firefighters’ Association, the nation’s largest local Firefighters’ union. As President, Mr. Cassidy is responsible for advocating the needs and identifying the critical issues affecting 9,000 active and 13,800 retired New York City Firefighters. In addition, he has been tasked with ensuring the health and safety of his Firefighters who protect 8 million New Yorkers.  Mr. Cassidy has the unique distinction of being the only UFA President to ever be elected directly out of the field where he proudly served as one of New York’s Bravest for over 15 years.  

He spent his career as a Firefighter in Engine Company 236, which is located in the East New York section of Brooklyn, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City. This neighborhood is one of New York City's busiest areas for fires; consequently Engine Company 236 has one of the largest workloads and is highly respected for their dedicated service.  It was here on the front lines where Mr. Cassidy developed his passion for advocating for the rights of his fellow Firefighters.

In addition to his role as the President of the Union, Mr. Cassidy also serves on the FDNY Pension Board, which manages over $7 billion in assets. In September 2007, he was elected Treasurer of the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) which is an umbrella organization consisting of all NYC municipal unions and serves to negotiate and provide health care benefits for 450,000 active and retired members.  Mr. Cassidy also serves on the Executive Board of the NYC Central Labor Council (NYCCLC) as a Vice President. The NYCCLC is a non-profit labor membership organization devoted to supporting, advancing, and advocating for the working people of New York City.  It brings together 400 local unions from every trade, occupation, and public and private sector of the New York economy representing 1.3 million workers.

  Mr. Cassidy is also the Chairman of the UFA Widows’ and Children’s Fund which continues to actively support the widows and children of Firefighters who die in the line of duty.  Mr. Cassidy is the Chairman of the Thomas R. Elsasser Fund, which was established in 1992 to support the families of active NYC Firefighters who died in non-line-of-duty incidents.

In November 2006, Mr. Cassidy was appointed to the National Advisory Council (NAC) by R. David Paulison, Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In January 2007, Mr. Cassidy was appointed by President Bush to serve as a Member of the Medal of Valor Review Board (Firefighting) for a term of four years.  The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor is awarded by the President to public safety officers cited by the Attorney General and recommended by the Medal of Valor Review Board.

Mr. Cassidy has been a frequent contributor to the press, including The New York Daily News and The New York Post, and he appears regularly in public and on television and radio advocating for the rights of Firefighters.  Prior to becoming a New York City Firefighter, Mr. Cassidy worked at the Bank of New York where he was a management supervisor in the company’s mutual fund division.  He attended St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York where he was a member of the school’s basketball team. 

Mr. Cassidy currently lives on Long Island with his wife Theresa and their two children, Rachel and Raymond.  

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