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Training Delivery Methods

The IAFF training delivery method provides a customized training approach to departments as we train the students on the very same equipment they are expected to use in the field during actual responses. It is this customized approach that enhances the skills of the students and promotes their confidence.

The IAFF provides a team of professional instructors from across the country that are active and retired fire fighters/EMS personnel/HazMat Team Members. The curriculum is taught to fire fighters by fire fighters.  IAFF master instructors are skilled in the use of various technological equipment available to first responders and have the ability to train students on the equipment and techniques used by first responders throughout the U.S.

 Delivery Methods
 Recruit Training Initiative
The best time to provide this key HazMat/WMD information to new fire/rescue members is during their initial training sessions. Reaching fire/rescue workers during the initial phase of their training means that they will learn safer work practices early in their careers.  This early learning can directly translate into safer, more effective members who reduce their risk of serious illness and occupational disease.

First Responder Operations training specifically for recruit fire fighters is now available through the IAFF Recruit Training Initiative (RTI).  The training provides an NFPA 472-compliant course during an expanded (24-32 contact hours) delivery format.

  Instructor Training
The IAFF has an updated instructor training curriculum, an eight-hour adult educational methodology course that teaches adult learning principles and facilitation skills. The adult educational methodology is delivered on the first day of the Train-the-Trainer program, followed by an overview, from an instructor’s point of view, of one or more of the IAFF’s training courses. The Train-the-Trainer allows instructors multiple opportunities to practice presentations and small group activities, and receive critiques/analyses of their deliveries. Instructors will be provided with the tools they need to effectively deliver training for fire fighters and other emergency responders who must operate in a team-based response environment.
  Supportive Teaching Sessions
In 2009, the IAFF restructured its instructor training (aka Train-the-Trainer) model to provide incentive for those trained to continue their relationship with the IAFF. Supportive teaching sessions were designed to ensure competency of the local instructors, as well as transfer of knowledge to the students through their teaching. Local instructors will be assigned an IAFF master instructor who will act as a mentor to the local instructor. The mentor will team teach with the local instructor twice at his/her designated location. The first teaching will be led by the IAFF master instructor and the second delivery by the local instructor. In both sessions, the master instructor will evaluate the didactic and practical skills of the local instructor and provide structured feedback.  

 Indirect Delivery Training
Training conducted by local instructors who have completed IAFF TtT courses is indirect training. Course materials, registration and survey forms are provided to these local instructors, to deliver training within their departments. 

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