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Pro Board Certification

The IAFF’s First Responder Operations course is now accredited by the Pro Board Fire Service Professional Qualifications System (Pro Board). The revised course now incorporates hands on training and testing in many areas including mandatory training and testing on emergency decontamination and personal protective equipment (PPE). The students will also train in a variety of random skill stations including; diversion, diking, vapor suppression, vapor dispersion, absorption, damming, foam application, retention and remote valve shut off.

In addition to the final day of hands on training and testing, the students participate in classroom lecture and activities during the first two class days. Several modules are taught and include Module 1 – Introduction, Module 2 – Analyze the Problem, Module 3 – Plan the Initial Response, Module 4 – Implement the Planned Response and Module 5 – Evaluate the Progress. 

Several weeks after completion of the course, students will receive their Pro Board certificates and will also be able to locate their name and course in the Pro Board National Registry. It is important to note that students are asked to provide the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number (SSN) or their Social Insurance Number (SIN) (Canada) in order to view their information on the Pro Board National Registry. However, if students do not provide their SSN or SIN then they will default to “1750” as their identifier. Additionally, if a student does not enter their address while completing the pre course registration then their address in the Pro Board National Registry will default to the address of the training location.


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