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Specialty Training

Chemical Process Industry (8 hours)

The IAFF will offer its revised Chemical Process Industry curriculum designed to reduce first responder injuries and fatalities during response to incidents at chemical plants, ethanol plants and refineries.

Funded by a grant from the Department of Labor, this course trains first responders to use the Analyze, Plan, Implement and Evaluate (APIE) response to chemical process industry and serves as refresher training for all fire fighters – not just those dedicated to hazardous materials response units.

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Illicit Drug Labs (8 hours)

This course addresses the training needs caused by the proliferation of illegal labs across the United States. The program focuses on maintaining the health and safety of fire fighters and first responders during illegal lab responses. This eight-hour course is geared toward the responders closest to the incident. Topics include recognizing and identifying illegal drug lab hazards, exposure, PPE, the role of the fire department and scene management.

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Instructor Training (Train-the-Trainer) (8-40 hours)

The IAFF has an updated instructor training curriculum, an eight-hour adult educational methodology course that teaches adult learning principles and facilitation skills. The adult educational methodology is delivered on the first day of the Train-the-Trainer program, followed by an overview, from an instructor’s point of view, of one or more of the IAFF’s training courses. The Train-the-Trainer allows instructors multiple opportunities to practice presentations and small group activities, and receive critiques/analyses of their deliveries. Instructors will be provided with the tools they need to effectively deliver training for fire fighters and other emergency responders who must operate in a team-based response environment.

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