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FIRST PLACE: “Into the Heat”

(Right) “Into the Heat” depicts the intensity of a structure fire and the bravery of a Sierra Vista, AZ Local 4492 fire fighter as he attempts to extinguish a rekindled fire.

Photo by: Joshua D. Meeker
Submitted by: Sierra Vista, AZ Local 4492

SECOND PLACE: “Fighting Fire in Water”

(Left) “Fighting Fire in Water” captures members of New Orleans, LA Local 632 battling a commercial building fire in waist-deep water.

Photo by: Chris E. Mickal
Submitted by: New Orleans, LA Local 632




“Ladder One”

(Right) “Ladder One” depicts the intensity of a third alarm fire in downtown Jacksonville as it burns three two-story Queen Victorian style buildings.

Photo by: Steve Gerbert
Submitted by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122





“Swift Water Rescue”

(Left) “Swift Water Rescue” captures the heroism of Los Angeles City Local 112 Fire Captain Al Hernandez Jr. as he rescues a 14-year-old boy from the Los Angeles River.

Photo by: Rick McCure
Submitted by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112






“Plane Fire”

(Right) “Plane Fire” depicts the teamwork of Robins AFB, GA Local F-107 when fighting an aircraft fire. The intense fire ignited at Air Force Base training.

Photo by: Russell G. Adams
Submitted by: Robins AFB, GA Local F107


“Last Alarm”

(Left) This picture captures the emotion of members of Local 4071 as they say their final goodbye to a fellow fire fighter in Awendaw, South Carolina.

Photo by: Peter Rogers
Submitted by: Awendaw, SC Local 4071




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