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NEWS PHOTO (Circulation Over 100,000)


(Right) “Captain Al Cruz uses his expertise as head of the Miami-Dade Fire Anti-Venim Unit to seize and control a python. Several pythons were taken to a nature park after they were found inhabiting areas around the Everglades.

Miami Herald
Photo by: Al Diaz
Submitted by: Metro-Dade, FL Local 1403

SECOND PLACE: “Cooling Off”

(Left) “Cooling Off” depicts a Philadelphia fire fighter cooling off after fighting a fire.

Daily News
Photo by: Jim MacMillan
Submitted by: Philadelphia, PA Local 22




“Huge Fire Guts Three Buildings”

(Right) “Huge Fire Guts Three Buildings” documents a violent fire that destroyed three buildings in Vancouver. Seventy-five fire fighters and 16 fire trucks were sent to fight the relentless fire that left many fire fighters inhaling deadly fumes.

The Province
Photo by: Jason Payne
Submitted by: Vancouver, BC Local 18

“Lions Gate Bridge Rescue”

(Left) “Lions Gate Bridge Rescue” illustrates the heroism of Vancouver fire fighter James Dalton as he lowers a harness to rescue a man under the Lions Gate Bridge. Suffering from hypothermia, the man was suspended from beneath the bridge on a 10-inch iron beam.

North Shore News
Photo by: Russ Samson
Submitted by: West Vancouver, BC Local 1525




“Fire Fighters Rescue Kittens”

(Right) “Fire Fighters Rescue Kittens” shows Winnipeg fire fighters rescuing a litter of black kittens from an apartment building fire.

Winnipeg Free Press
Photo by: Ken Gigliotti
Submitted by: Winnipeg, MB Local 867

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