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NEWS STORY (Circulation Over 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: “Deadly Delays: The Decline of Fire Response”

“Once a day on average in this country, someone dies when fire fighters arrive too late, an investigation of fire response times by the Globe has found. America’s fire departments are giving fire a longer headstart, arriving later each year, especially in the suburbs around Boston, Atlanta and other cities. Growth is brisk but fire staffing has been cut.”

“Deadly Delays” was published as a multi-part series in The Boston Globe. The articles discuss the decrease in the number of fire fighters and fire stations and examine the effect on public safety. On-time response rates of U.S. fire departments and, more specifically, Massachusetts cities and towns, are also included for reference.

The Boston Globe
Written by: Bill Dedman
Submitted by: Boston, MA Local 718

SECOND PLACE: “These Cuts Are Not Safe”

“These Cuts Are Not Safe” investigates the risk of Philadelphia fire department proposals to put eight fire companies out of service due to a $6.9 million budget cut. The reporter, the son of a retired New York City fire fighter, gives a strong argument against the closing of fire companies.

City Paper
Written by: Mike Newall
Submitted by: Philadelphia, PA Local 22


“Many Nursing Homes Run Risk of Catastrophic Fires”/ “Fire Risks Threaten Assisted Living”

Peter Eisler authored six stories on fire risks in nursing homes and the increasing number of senior deaths due to fire. Eisler used credible state and federal data to prove his powerful findings. The articles give detailed accounts of different fires in nursing homes and statistics concerning the number of nursing homes failing to protect their residents.

USA Today
Written by: Peter Eisler
Submitted by: Indianapolis, IN Local 416

“Firefighters win battle for cancer compensation”

This article informs the public about a bill to amend the Workers Compensation Act. It reports on the case of Captain Rick Stoyko, a fire fighter for more than 30 years, who, after being diagnosed with brain cancer, was relieved to have received compensation for his work-related illness.

Winnipeg Free Press
Written by: David Kuxhaus
Submitted by: Winnipeg, MB Local 867

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