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FIRST PLACE: www.iaff136.org  

The Dayton, OH Local 136 web site is a well developed communication tool that promotes the IAFF and brings local union news and information to members. The site encourages fire fighters to become involved in the IAFF and creates awareness of the benefits of unionism. It includes information about the health and safety of fire fighters, and provides current and comprehensive news and information on issues that affect fire fighters every day. The site also brings fire fighters closer to the public by offering recipes and home safety programs, as well as listing upcoming activities.

Producers: Larry Ables
Submitted by: Dayton, OH Local 136

SECOND PLACE: www.uflac.org 

The Los Angeles City fire fighters’ web site is an informative, interactive, effective, and easy-to-navigate web site. It provides relevant union news and International-related information to fire fighters and promotes union activism. The site has very methodically used simple graphics and pictures to create an excellent layout.

Produced by: Mikel Bullis
Submitted by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112


Produced by: Jamie Bigler and Mark Pelfrey
Submitted by: Springdale, OH Local 4027

Produced by: Vancouver Fire Fighters Union Local 18
Submitted by: Vancouver, BC CANADA Local 18

Produced by: Rich Carvalho and Bill Tomkouic
Submitted by: California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection  Local 2881

Produced by: Indianapolis Metropolitan Firefighters Local 416
Submitted by: Indianapolis, IN Local 416

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