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FIRST PLACE: “October Wildfires”

This entry is about KUSI-TV’s continuous live coverage of Cedar Fire in San Diego County in October 2003. The news team stayed on air for up to 19 hours a day, tracking the path of the flames, reporting the valiant efforts by fire fighters to control the blazes, and relaying vital instructions from public safety officials to citizens on evacuation routes and more. The video is indicative of the support that KUSI Television regularly provides to the members of San Diego, CA Local 145.

KUSI Television
Produced by: News Department
Submitted by: San Diego, CA Local 145

SECOND PLACE: "Uptown Theater Collapse”

This live news coverage is of a rescue operation launched by Toronto fire fighters and paramedics to find seven students trapped under the rubble when the Uptown theater collapsed into a neighboring school in downtown Toronto. The news highlights the meticulous emergency search and rescue operation launched by fire fighters in the most precarious and dangerous of conditions.

City TV/Cable Pulse 24
Produced by: City TV News Team
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

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