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FIRST PLACE: www.spff4027.org

This web site is an excellent model for all local affiliates to follow. It provides important local information while promoting a strong union message as well. The site incorporates news and information from both the local and International levels. Other significant features on the site include a history of the local fire department, charities sponsored by fire fighters, a page for fallen fire fighters and a discussion board. This web site has relevant and up to date news stories and promotes a strong connection between the local union and its members.

Producers: Jamie Bigler, Mark Pelfrey
Submitted by: Springdale, OH Local 402

SECOND PLACE: www.iaff27.org

This web site presents an appealing display of graphics that are easy to follow. The Local's newspaper is posted as a link on this site, with the current issue already available. A “labor links” feature provides key access to important labor organizations and international affiliates. The web site is an exceptional example of resources for local fire fighters. It combines interesting and useful information with a strong message promoting membership in labor unions.

Produced by: Heidi Jindrich, Monica Blum
Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27


Produced by: John Dropchuk
Submitted by: Hamtramck, MI Local 750

Produced by: Syracuse Fire Fighters Association
Submitted by: Syracuse, NY Local 280

Produced by: Rocket Webmedia
Submitted by: UFA Local 94

Produced by: Gene Butcher
Submitted by: Cary, NC Local 4103

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