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FIRST PLACE: “Cincinnati Fire Fighter Health and Fitness”

A new fitness program is tested on members of the Cincinnati Fire Department. The importance of training and keeping in shape is seen as pounds of equipment are loaded onto fire fighters’ backs as they enter a fire. The members who tried out the new program showed progress within weeks.

WCPO Channel 9 Cincinnati
Produced by: Carol Williams, Gretchen Macknight, Steve Tsuleff
Submitted by: Cincinnati, OH Local 48

SECOND PLACE: "Sounding The Alarm”

This news story promotes fire safety for the public, investigating standard fire alarms used in houses all over the country that may not be loud enough to wake younger children. Families reaction times are put to the test as mock fires are staged in their homes. The results are unsettling to both the fire fighters and the families, leaving much room for improvement.

Produced by: Susan MacDonald, Tammy Elliott, Kent Wainscott, Cary Edwards, John Lazarevic, Norm Hunnicut
Submitted by: West Bend, WI Local 2025


“Fallen Fire Fighters, WPG Remembers”
Produced by: Rob Wozny
Submitted by: Winnipeg, MB Local 867

“New Faces of Fire Fighting”
Produced by: Andrea Lopez
Submitted by: Colorado Springs, CO Local 5

“Tanker 130 Crash”
Produced by: Timothy Ill
Submitted by: Reno, NV Local 731

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