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NEWS PHOTO (Circulation Under 100,000)

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FIRST PLACE: Local 2598 fire fighter attacks a house fire in Dale City, Va. The photo frames a lone figure, encased by smoke. The image portrays the risks that are taken and the bravery that surfaces in the everyday lives of fire fighters.

 “Local 2598 Fire Fighter Wrestles House FireThe Potomac News
Photo by: Dylan P. Moore
Submitted by: Prince William County, VA Local 2598



SECOND PLACE: Los Angeles City Fire Department’s forest service helicopter emerges through heavy smoke as it drops water onto a burning forest. A red fire can be seen through the massive clouds of white and gray smoke. The image of the helicopter magnifies the painstaking difficulty of defeating nature’s overwhelming force.

“National Forest fire in Los Angeles City” Fire Rescue Magazine
Photo by: Chris Jensen
Submitted by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112


A fire fighter from Racine, Wisc. breaths through a protective mask in an effort to revive a man caught in an electric fire.

“Electrical Fire Claims Life” The Journal Times Photo by: Mark Hertzberg Submitted by: Racine, WI Local 321



A wounded deer is lifted from a hovercraft after fire fighters rescued the animal from a river of ice. The deer was transported to a local veterinary hospital to be treated.

“Deer Rescue” The Chronicle Journal Photo by: Sandi Krasowski Submitted by: Thunder Bay, ON Local 193



An 11-year-old boy is rescued after falling through the ice. A Claremont fire fighter is shown reaching out to pull the youth to safety.

“Ice Rescue” The Eagle Times Photo by: Wayne Carter Submitted by: Claremont, NH Local 1571


Massive flames are fought by Fort Worth, TX Local 440. Three fire fighters aim a hose directly at the fire in an attempt to conquer it.

“Overwhelming” Firehouse Magazine Photo by: Glen E. Ellman Submitted by: Fort Worth, TX Local 440




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