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FIRST PLACE: This particular image was noted as one of the best photos submitted for an award. The hardships of intensive labor and emotional stress are seen in the faces of both men resting after removing their protective masks. The image is compelling in its ability to capture the true nature of the job.

“American Fire Fighters” Photo by: Craig G. Whitney Submitted by: Palm Beach County, FL Local 2928

SECOND PLACE: Smoke filters rapidly out of a roof after being ventilated by two Everett, Wash. fire fighters. A reflection from the sun beams down upon the image casting a holy impression of fire fighters.

“Two Fire Fighters on Smoky Roof II” Photo by: Jason Brandvold Submitted by: Everett, WA Local 46


Fire trucks and ambulances are shown on-scene in Santa Cruz, Calif. as the image of a fire fighter on a stretcher flashes in the center.

“Fire Fighter Overcome” Photo by: Neal Aronson Submitted by: Santa Cruz, CA Local 1716



Fire fighters and medical personnel on the scene of a motorcycle accident in Vista, Calif.

“Motorcycle Accident” Photo by: George Lucia Submitted by: Vista, CA Local 4107


An engine is shown decked with flowers and gifts in honor of fallen fire fighters.

"In Honor Of” Photo by: Scott LaPrade Submitted by: Leominster, MA Local 1841



“Fire Fighter from Engine 8 waits for water next to a burning building” Photo by: Ray E. Cline Submitted by: Baltimore, MD Local 734




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