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NEWS STORY (Circulation less than 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: Fatal Fire Inquest

 “Imagine if you will that the Hamner station was properly staffed with full-time fire fighters, that they didn’t have to delay their departure from the station to page out volunteers and that they had the most recent, efficient and effective life-saving and fire fighting equipment that is available today. My daughter Asha-Jade would be enjoying her kindergarten class, my son Ellias would be relishing his Grade 1 class and my grandmother would be carrying on with the things she liked to do. Imagine that your children or grandchildren perished in the fire that day. Then later you learned that a transition board didn’t implement critical recommendations that were laid out by agents of the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office. Was this expert advice not important to the City of Greater Sudbury councilors?”-Quote from Bobbi McLean, mother of Asha-Jade and Ellias.

The news stories relating to the fatal fire in Hamner, Ont. involving the death of two children and their great-grandmother emphasize the importance of safe fire fighter staffing. The stories are effective in time-lining the efforts of family members and other affiliates to increase the number of fire fighters hired and make sure that safety standards are strictly enforced in all fire departments. These stories unearth a critical dilemma that, if solved, would save lives all across North America.

The Sudbury Star
Stories by: Denis St. Pierre
Submitted by: Sudbury, ON Local 527

SECOND PLACE: Blood Brothers

This article discusses a growing fear among rescue personnel: contamination through needles. Fire fighters, as first responders, are particularly susceptible to Hepatitis C. The importance of fire fighter awareness and protection against on-the-job infection is illustrated through the struggle of a former rescue worker that was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. This article provides important information regarding the effects and dangers of blood-borne diseases and offers a glimpse into the lives of those who have been infected while trying to do their jobs.

Cincinnati Magazine
Story by: Timothy J. Condron
Submitted by: Norwood, Ohio Local 445


“A Wonderful Gesture”
The Patriot Leader
Story by: Mark Fontecchio
Submitted by: Stoughton, MA Local 1512

“Response Times Ride On Levy”
The Columbian
Story by: Jeffrey Mize
Submitted by: Vancouver, WA Local 452

“A Day In The Life Of…”
Derry News
Story by: Shelley J. Thompson
Submitted by: Derry, NH Local 2620 and Derry Fire Officers Local 3834

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