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FIRST PLACE: “Two Firefighters Look Back ”

 “Mr. Byrne said that the public response to firefighting had snapped back to the pre-Sept. 11 days. ‘All that awe and reverence is over,’ he said. Now, he said, people-like rubberneckers after a car wreck-want to know if he was working on Sept. 11. ‘A lot of times, I just tell them no,’ he said.”

The Chief Leader
Story by: Deidre McFadyen
Submitted by: UFOA, NY Local 854

SECOND PLACE: “Rubber Baby Perishes In Attempted Rescue By Sweaty Journalist”
Tyler Morning Telegraph
Story by: Jacque L. Hilburn
Submitted by: Tyler, TX Local 883


Arbitration Proves Fire Department is Understaffed”
The Jamestown Post Journal
Story by: Brian Boehm
Submitted by: Jamestown, NY Local 1772

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