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NEWS PHOTO (Circulation Under 100,000)

First place: “Baby Safe After Crash”

Fire Fighter Don Cunningham, a member of Los Angeles City Local 112 comforts a baby on the scene of a serious three-car crash. The photo depicts fire fighter care, courage and concern in dealing with intense situations every day.

Los Angeles Fire Fighter
Photo by:
Martin Nate Rawner
Submitted by:
Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

Second Place: “Explosion”

Explosion caused by back-draft caught live by the photographer at Camaraderie café and bar in Eau Claire. It is a rare picture that captures the unexpected - an explosion hurtling objects and pieces of a building.

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
Photo by
: Steven Kinderman
Submitted by
: Eau Claire, WI Local 487

Honorable Mention: “Firefighters Battle Boyertown Inferno”; The Mercury Newspaper; Photo by: Kevin Hoffman; Submitted by: Pottstown, PA Local 3536

A rainbow frames firefighters as they battle a multi-alarm blaze in a warehouse in Pottstown.


Honorable Mention: “Agony”; The Journal Times; Photo by: Mark Hertzberg; Submitted by: Racine, WI Local 321

Elizabeth Lockridge-Lewis, the owner of the house at 233 Frank Ave., in Racine County, Wisc., frantically asks Racine, WI Local 321 members about a missing Child.

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