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NEWS or FEATURE STORY (Circulation Under 100,000)

First Place: “More Than Firefighting: Lodi department adjusts to role - but no more cat rescues

Lodi News-Sentinel, June 9, 2001
Story by
: Jennifer Pearson Bonnett & Photos by: Jennifer Matthews-Howell Submitted by: Lodi, CA Local 1225

“Fire fighters retrieve children locked in cars, respond to administer first aid, and clean up hazardous materials from methamphetamine labs. That is the changing face of fire fighters - less fighting fires and more providing medical aid and roadside services. It’s a face some in the profession wish the public saw better.

You have to be ready at the drop of a hat for anything and everything. You have to evolve into what the public expects. If they see something on TV following a natural disaster like an earthquake, the expectation is that we can do it. That is always changing, said Battalion Chief Jim Inman.”

The article is an excellent exposure of the changing role of a professional fire fighter’s job and the range of expertise with which they have to respond to fire or non-fire related emergencies. It is an impressive piece that educates the local community and builds favorable public opinion for our members, especially in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001.

Second Place:Angel from 2 doors down saves life

Courier News, Nov. 29, 2001
Story by
: Tony Sclafani
Submitted by
: North Plainfield, NJ Local 2958

“Torlish started cardiopulmonary resuscitation, trying to save the life of a neighbor who hugged him after learning Torlish had received a state valor award for fire fighters earlier this year… Torlish, who had been recovering from non-cancerous lymph node surgery, pulled out some stitches during the Nov. 16 rescue, but said it was well worth it. ‘Everyday I am proud to be a firefighter, the good days or the bad days, the best job in the world,’ he said.”

The story reflects the selfless and compassionate nature of our members in helping every community, anywhere in North America. Our members are always on the front line, even when they are home recuperating from cancer, and ready to put down their lives to save others any time, anywhere.

Honorable Mention:Madmen didn’t count on America’s unity
Current-Argus, Oct. 4 2001; Stories by: Lynn Barker; Submitted by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

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