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First Place: "Sick Fire fighters"

WESH News Channel 2
Reported by
: Jack Fink
Submitted by
: Orlando, FL Local 1365

Second Place: A Wonderful Life: The Timothy Stackpole Story”

ABC News Primetime
Reported by
: Cynthia McFadden, Peter J. Ward and Thomas Berman
Submitted by:
Newark Officers, NJ Local 1860

Honorable Mention: "HazMat Response" ; Channel 4; Reported by: Staff Members; Submitted by: Metro Dade, FL Local 1403

Honorable Mention: "Survive A Fire"; WFXT-TV Fox 25; Reported by: Rob Reardon and Debbi Rodman; Submitted by: Yarmouth, MA Local 2122

Honorable Mention: "City Scene: HazMat Training"; City of Milwaukee, City Channel ; Reported by: Dennis Geraghty ; Submitted by: Milwaukee, WI Local 215

Honorable Mention: "Children Aren’t Waterproof" ; KVOA-TV 4; Reported by: Jimmy Stewart; Submitted by: Tucson, AZ Local 479

Honorable Mention: “MSNBC Investigates: Attack on America: A Doctor’s Tale”; MSNBC; Reported by: Ty West ; Submitted by: Jersey City, NJ Local 1066

Honorable Mention: "Lake Superior Ice Rescue" ; WDID/WIRT-TV ; Reported by: Sofia Vahamaki ;Submitted by: Duluth, MN Local 101

Honorable Mention: "Christmas Fire Safety" ; Newfoundland Broadcasting; Reported by: Toni Marie Wiseman; Submitted by: St. Johns, NF Local 1075

Honorable Mention: "Research on the Health of Fire Fighters" ; CBC ; Reported by: Dr. Brian Goldman ; Submitted by: Ontario Prof. Fire Fighters, Ontario Canada

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