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NEWS PHOTO (Circulation Over 100,000)

First Place: "Triage"

It's a rare glimpse into the organized chaos of on-scene response where Fort Worth Local 440 fire fighters are seen treating fire victims on Avenue N in Fort Worth. Fire fighters saved lives of two out of four children trapped in the blaze.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Photo by: Glen E. Ellman
Submitted by: Ft. Worth, TX Local 440

Second Place: "Grief"

Megan Conlon (left), stepdaughter of Lt. Scott Gillen and other family members and friends attend the funeral of the Local 12 member who was killed on Dec. 24, 2000 in Chicago. This photo captures the agony and pride that a family feels when tragedy strikes home.

Chicago Sun Times
Photo by: Jean Lachat
Submitted by: Chicago, IL Local 2

Honorable Mention: "Bittersweet Rescue" Detroit Free Press/Detroit News/Macomb Daily; Photo by: Bill Eisner; Submitted by: Detroit, MI Local 344.

Detroit L 344 firefighters James Babich, left, and Eric Jurmo hand off a 4-year-old boy who was rescued during a gruesome fire.  




Honorable Mention: "Family Saved from Flames" Boston Herald; Photo by: Jim Mahoney; Submitted by: Boston, MA Local 718

Boston L 718 firefighter waits for water as flames explode from the Upper-floor window of a home in Sagamore Street in Drochester.



Honorable Mention: "Silhouette of 2 Fire Fighters" Cincinnati Enquirer; Photo by: Glen Hartong; Submitted by: Cincinnati, OH Local 48




Honorable Mention: "Fire Fighter Carrying Xmas Gifts" Chicago Sun Times; Photo by: John H. White; Submitted by: Chicago, IL Local 2

Chicago L 2 Firefighter Robert Breslsn carries an armload of the 3,000 gifts delivered by the Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2 to Catholic Charities' St. Vincent DePaul Center in the union's second annual Christmas Toy Parade.




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