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First Place: www.iafflocal1664.com 

Producer: Matt Trivett 
Submitted by: Montgomery County, MD Local 1664

This site is very impressive, with comprehensive news and information about all happenings related to the fire fighters and their community at the county, state and federal levels. It has an extensive list of links containing progressive information about the executive board, affiliations, local sports and events, free emails, classifieds, archives, honors.

Second Place: www.iaff27.org 

Producer: Monica Rausch 
Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27

Honorable Mention: www.sjff.org; Producer: Juan Diaz; Submitted by: San Jose, CA Local 230

Honorable Mention: www.cdf-firefighters.org; Producer: Tom Gardner; Submitted by: Sacramento, CDF Firefighters Local 2881

Honorable Mention: www.ufoa.org; Producer: Steve Carbone; Submitted by: Uniformed Fire Officers of New York Local 854

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