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NEWSPAPER STORY or FEATURE (Circulation Under 100,000)

First Place: "Four Die in Fire" Nov. 4, 2000
State Officials Probe Scene of Deadly Blaze" Nov. 7, 2000
Friday House Fire Deemed Arson" Nov. 8, 2000
Search for Clues Continues" Nov 9, 2000

Ashtabula News Herald
Stories by: Diana Lewis
Submitted by: Ashtabula, OH Local 165

"There was a child on the first-floor landing, a child upstairs in the hallway, next to an adult, and a young person in the back bedroom upstairs," said Fire Lt. Ross Caudill. "I brought the one child out. I thought he was alive. He wasn't."

The four news articles by Diana Lewis encompass the stages of a fire incident and the broad range of emotions experienced by fire fighters and victims during and after a fire that engulfed a home in quiet neighborhood of Ashtabula. The fire killed two children, ages 2 and 4, their 22-year old mother, and her teenaged sister.

Second Place: "Five-Alarm Cuisine" Oct. 19-25, 2000

New Times Los Angeles 
Written by: Naomi Glauberman
Submitted by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

"The men of fire station No. 52 know how to do turkey right." This story about fire fighters turned cooks in the fire station is a unique and interesting narration that can whet the appetite of any reader.

Honorable Mention: "'Hired Guns' Live for Fighting Fires" June 7, 2000, Las Vegas Sun; Written by: Jace Radke; Submitted by: Las Vegas, NV Local 1285

Honorable Mention: "Some Simple Steps Prevent Fire Tragedies" April 13, 2000, Daily Journal; Written by: Dale Saucier; Submitted by: Franklin, IN Local 3433

Honorable Mention: "Our 9-year-old Reporter Checks Out a 100-year-old Fire Company" October 11, 2000, Learner Newspaper, ; Written by: Darlene Huston; Submitted by: Chicago, IL Local 2

Honorable Mention: "Manchester Fire Claims 2 Lives" December 24, 2000, New Hampshire Union Leader; Written by: Nancy West; Submitted by: Manchester, NH Local 856

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