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Grassroots Lobbying

Local Union Political Action

To have an effective political action program within a local, there are several elements that must be present. No organization can operate with one person, or one person doing all the work. It is an organization--team effort--that makes fire fighters effective in the political process. The key elements are:

Recruit Activists--get fire fighters and their families involved in the local's political action program and campaign.

Selection of Candidates--Set up a knowledgeable committee to develop questionnaires for interviewing candidates for public office. Be prepared to show the fire fighters that the selected candidate is more favorable to programs in the interest of the members of the local union, in the interest of the general public, in the interest of your city, province or nation.

Vote--Organize volunteers for a "Get-Out-The-Vote" drive well in advance of the election.

Political Participation--Urge participation in politics at the municipal level as well as the provincial and federal level.

Contributions--If you wish to contribute to Municipal, Provincial or Federal candidates, your local union MUST first be thoroughly knowledgeable with provincial and federal election laws and penalties for violations.

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